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Setting Panel


Body Camera


Law enforcement officer

User Researcher, Interaction Designers, UI Designers, Software Engineers

Project Timeline

1 month

Work Environment

Waterfall Methodology

Motorola Solutions’ body-worn camera is a speaker-mic and touchscreen device for police officers to capture video evidence. The device’s operating system was Android 6.0 Marshmallow. As an interaction designer in the team, I provided design solutions for Settings Panel, Onboarding Experience and Voice Note features. This use case study focuses on the design process of the Settings Panel. 

My Role

  • Collaborated with user researchers to understand users’ needs and use scenarios.

  • Created wireframes, user flows and quick prototypes.

  • Actively communicated with stakeholders and improved designs based on feedback.

  • Delivered final designs and specifications to UI designers and engineer team.

Various Complexities

To collect sufficient information, I read through the research report and spoke with researchers as well as other designers. I found the use cases were very complex, and they existed in various aspects.

Solution: Analyze, Categorize & Transform

After analyzing each function, I realized all functions could fall into three categories: Quick Actions, Status and General Settings. Then I applied Priority Level, Use Frequency and interaction patterns to further organize all settings. In the end, I got a clear picture with logical details.


I explored different concepts by sketching and wireframing. The challenge was how to handle plenty of information on one small screen. The design solutions should focus on simple, quick and easy to use experiences for end-users. Below were some ideas for different information sections.

Details & Specifications

Screen specifications and detailed user flows were created and documented. I presented the final designs to UI designers and the development team for questions and suggestions. Below are examples from the design documentation.

Share and Improve

To improve and verify the design ideas, I shared the concepts with stakeholders. After several rounds of discussions and modifications. Design decisions would be made. Below is an example of my presentation and stakeholders’ feedback.

Thanks : )

Please feel free to view other projects and contact me for more details.

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