Setting Panel


Body Camera


Law enforcement officer

User Researcher, Interaction Designers, UI Designers, Software Engineers

Project Timeline

1 month

Work Environment

Waterfall Methodology

Motorola Solutions’ body-worn camera is a speaker-mic and touchscreen device for police officers to capture video evidence. The device’s operating system was Android 6.0 Marshmallow. As an interaction designer in the team, I provided design solutions for Settings Panel, Onboarding Experience and Voice Note features. This use case study focuses on the design process of the Settings Panel. 

My Role

  • Collaborated with user researchers to understand users’ needs and use scenarios.

  • Created wireframes, user flows and quick prototypes.

  • Actively communicated with stakeholders and improved designs based on feedback.

  • Delivered final designs and specifications to UI designers and engineer team.

Various Complexities

To collect sufficient information, I read through the research report and spoke with researchers as well as other designers. I found the use cases were very complex, and they existed in various aspects.

Solution: Analyze, Categorize & Transform

After analyzing each function, I realized all functions could fall into three categories: Quick Actions, Status and General Settings. Then I applied Priority Level, Use Frequency and interaction patterns to further organize all settings. In the end, I got a clear picture with logical details.