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Learn Users & Sales

The primary users for filis POS would be 3000+ Sales Consultants working at TCC stores. We got to know the users and their daily works by the means below:

Training: I participated in sales training, learned TCC’s sales flows and techniques.

Observation: We visited 8+ stores and spent half day at each store. We observed various sales and operation activities.

Interview: We interviewed 20+ Sales Consultants, 10 Store Managers and 3 Regional Directors.

My Role

  • Defined design team’s responsibilities, workflows and governance.

  • Conducted observations, interviews and surveys to understand users.

  • Defined product structure and features with the product owner.

  • Designed user flows, wireframes, prototypes, style guides, UIs and specifications.

  • Delivered design solutions to development and training teams.

Interesting Findings

  • Sales Consultants frequently uses personal mobile phones for calculator, Google info. and message apps.

  • TCC has a standard survey form for Sales Consultants to use to learn customer’s existing plans.

  • In one store employees were using a self-made excel form to quickly calculate costs and compare plans.

  • More than 60% of customers are around middle and senior ages.

  • Sales consultants’ performances are varied. Great Sales consultants are good at serving customers as well as creating opportunities.

Design Goals

Fast & Simple

Design an easy-to-use POS and minimize the operation time and efforts.

Create Sales

Create business opportunities by utilizing the integrated data.


Provide functions for both sales and store operational activities.

Point of Sale


Wireless retail POS app


Product Manager, Software Engineers, Project Manager, etc.

Work Environment

Agile development methodology

The Cellular Connection (TCC) is the largest Verizon retailer with 850+ locations nationwide. In 2016, TCC started to build its point of sale (POS) system “filis”. It was the first time TCC developed a digital product. We worked in a startup environment and I was the first UX/UI designer at TCC. I was responsible for product design works from start to finish.

* Confidential information has been omitted or replaced. Designs and information on this site don’t represent the filis application.

Tom Peters

Verizon TCC Sales Consultant Persona

About Tom

  • 21 years old.

  • Good at tech products. Follows tech news and trends.

  • Uses the newly launched Samsung Galaxy.

  • Plays video games on PlayStation.

About Work

  •  Joined TCC for almost 1 year.

  • Works in a community based Verizon TCC store. Some customers are Tom’s neighbors.

  • Enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences of tech products.

  • Cares about customer’s real needs and only recommends the right products that fits customers.

  • Cares about his commissions from sales.

A Work Day

9:00 pm: Cleaned and closed store with the team. Did cash audit and locked the safe. Dropped store’s cash in a nearby bank on his way home.

1 pm: Arrived at store and clock in.

1:20 pm: Sold a phone charger and helped a senior customer with Verizon account and password questions.

2:50 pm: Received delivery of new iPhones. Scanned all boxes and lock them in the safe.

3:10 pm: Checked new promotions info. and communicate with the regional sales group on the messaging app.

3:30 pm: Checked his sales commissions for the current month.

4:00 pm: Called three customers by phone and shared the new mobile device upgrade promotions.

4:30-8:50 pm: Busy with serving customers.

Understand Business and Problems

TCC stores have two types of services. The first is Verizon related services, such as mobile devices, wireless plans, etc. The second is fully operated by TCC, focusing on accessories and third-party services. Before filis, there were separately running POSs that supported these sales. And they brought some issues.

Slow Checkout

Sales Consultants had to manually type and transfer information between the two POSs, which took lots of time and effort.

Scattered Data

Customer data were not synced between the two POSs. Potential business opportunities were lost.

Only Basics

The two POSs could only support basic sales activities. Sales Consultants had to use other tools to assist their works.


The two POSs were running on desktop computers, which was inconvenient for customers and Sales Consultants.

There were many different types of activities and features need to cover in one app. The app should also be compatible with future enhancements. We faced the challenge of how to integrate various topics and provide a simple fluent user experience at the same time.


Complex v.s. Simple

I got inspiration from TCC sales training that a sales flow should follow “5 Steps to Serve A Customer”. All sales-related functions’ hierarchy should follow it. Frequently used tools should be able to be accessed from any steps in a sales flow. The remaining parts of the product are operational and user-related functions.

1. Approach and welcome customers.

5. Goodbye and invite to return.

2. Ask and listen to customer’s needs.

3. Recommend appropriate solutions.

4. Ask, listen and resolve any other issues.


5 Steps to Serve A Customer

Information Architecture

Layout Ideas

Design Results

Test & Verify

When I had different concepts need to be tested, I would create clickable mockups and brought them to stakeholders as well as end-users in stores for feedback. Before the product launch, our team visited stores for final testing with service activations and transactions.

After Launch

In 2018, filis launched successfully in all Verizon TCC stores. We received wonderful feedback from Sales Consultants, store managers, field directors and other departments at TCC. Here are the key achievements:

All Stores

Launched to more than 850+ stores nationwide and used by 3000+ employees in daily sales.


Fast Checkout

Create order and check out time reduced more than 80%+ on average.


Efficient Service

Time serving each customer reduced by more than 40%.


Increasing Sales

Much more quality sales opportunities were created and turned into orders.

Thanks : )

Please feel free to view other projects and contact me for more details.

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