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Design System


UX Designers, UI Engineers, Technical Writers and Leadership

In late 2019, the UX team at SS&C Eze started to build a new design system for the next-generation products. However, despite the team's efforts, progress remained stagnant for several months, leaving uncertainty regarding the project's completion timeline. Recognizing the challenges at hand, I proactively identified the issues and proposed viable solutions to the leadership. As a result of my insights and dedication, I got the opportunity to lead this crucial project.

My Role

  • Developed comprehensive project plans with a clear roadmap for effective project management.

  • Defined a streamlined workflow and governance structure to optimize team productivity.

  • Established and conducted design scrum events to foster collaboration and track progress.

  • Generated concise design stories and optimized the project backlog for efficient execution.

  • Allocated tasks to designers and engineers based on their skill sets and interests.

  • Maintained open communication with leadership and stakeholders, ensuring their continued involvement and support.


Complex and Comprehensive

The design system contains multiple aspects such as style guide, pattern library, design assets, code components, “how to” guide, etc.

Collaborative Effort

The project required the collaboration of UX designers, UI engineers, and technical writers, as their work was interconnected and interdependent, ensuring a collective effort for success.

Different Expectations

Stakeholders had different ideas and expectations for the new design system, posing a challenge in finding a clear and universally applicable solution.

5-10 Tasks / Sprint

Previously, only 4 tasks were completed in the span of months. However, with the new workflow, our team consistently achieves 5-10 tasks every two weeks.

Timely Completion

Stage I MVP were completed within 8 weeks. 16 weeks later, we successfully completed the Stage II works.


Positive Feedback

The team's efficiency and the quality of work impressed the leadership, earning us applause from stakeholders.

Applicable to Other Projects

The strategies implemented in this project are self-sustaining and replicable. They can be applied to similar projects, enabling consistent success in managing and delivering results.

1. Align Vision and Set Goals

I clarified the vision and goals for the new design system, making sure everyone understood and agreed that the project should be planned and completed in stages due to its large size and complexity.


2. Roadmap and Milestones

I developed a comprehensive roadmap, establishing clear milestones and timelines. Each stage's scope and focus were carefully defined.

3. Focus on MVP

The first stage focused on MVP (Minimum viable product), which are the most fundamental and high priority items. The hierarchy and dependences of to-do items must be clear.

4. Define the Workflow

Agile Sprint workflow was applied. Sprint planning, design review and scrum events happened regularly within the design team.

5. Task Management

I made sure that each task had clear actions and measurable goals, along with well-defined acceptance criteria. A large and complex task would be divided into smaller manageable tasks.

6. Ownership and Responsibility

Every task was assigned to a designated owner who took the lead in the design process and ensured timely presentation and delivery of designs. Additionally, each task could have 1-2 contributors to provide support.

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