Design Management


Design system

Work Environment
Agile development methodology

UX Designers, UI Engineers, Technical Writers and Leadership

In late 2019, the UX team at SS&C Eze started to build a new design system for the next generation products. Months later, no significant progress was made and it’s unclear when it could be done. I identified the issues and suggested my solutions to the leadership. Then I got the opportunity to lead and manage this project.

My Role

  • Created detailed project plans with a clear roadmap.

  • Defined workflow and governance. Established and conducted design scrum events.

  • Generated design stories and optimized project backlog. Distributed tasks to designers and engineers with the right skill sets and interests.

  • Kept leadership and stakeholders informed. Facilitated communication and information exchange between external groups and the UX team on a regular basis.


Complicated and Massive

The design system contains multiple aspects such as style guide, pattern library, design assets, code components, “how-to” guide, etc.

Multiple Roles Involved

The project required collaborations of UX designers, UI Engineers and Technical Writers. Everyone’s work was related and dependent.

Various Expectations

Stakeholders had different ideas and expectations for the new design system. And there was not a clear applicable solution.

5-10 Tasks / Sprint

Before there were only 4 tasks were done in months. With the new workflow, each sprint (two weeks) our team could complete 5-10 tasks.