Design Management


Design system

Work Environment
Agile development methodology

UX Designers, UI Engineers, Technical Writers and Leadership

In late 2019, the UX team at SS&C Eze started to build a new design system for the next generation products. Months later, no significant progress was made and it’s unclear when it could be done. I identified the issues and suggested my solutions to the leadership. Then I got the opportunity to lead and manage this project.

My Role

  • Created detailed project plans with a clear roadmap.

  • Defined workflow and governance. Established and conducted design scrum events.

  • Generated design stories and optimized project backlog. Distributed tasks to designers and engineers with the right skill sets and interests.

  • Kept leadership and stakeholders informed. Facilitated communication and information exchange between external groups and the UX team on a regular basis.


Complicated and Massive

The design system contains multiple aspects such as style guide, pattern library, design assets, code components, “how-to” guide, etc.

Multiple Roles Involved

The project required collaborations of UX designers, UI Engineers and Technical Writers. Everyone’s work was related and dependent.

Various Expectations