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Point of Sale App filis

filis is The Cellular Connection (TCC)’s first integrated POS system. It supports 700+ Verizon TCC stores with its customer database, product inventory, analytic tools and third party service apps. Compared to the former sales systems, filis saves more than 80% of customer waiting time, as well as employees’ workloads. The intelligent and analytical tools of filis help to discover many more opportunities for business.

My Role


As the first and only UX/UI designer at TCC, I’m leading, and am responsible for all UX/UI related works of filis. My tasks include:

  • Establish style guides, standards and pattern libraries.

  • Create storyboards, user flows, wireframes, high fidelity UIs and specifications.

  • Build interactive prototypes for user testing and internal experimentation.

  • Demonstrate and deliver designs to the development team, operations department and training department.

Before Design


Our team visited multiple TCC stores and spent weeks with sales consultants and customers. We observed all details of the sales flow by working in the stores and serving customers. From research, we discovered the key problems and user needs.

Sales consultant is getting to know customers to make better recommendations.

Solve the Problem: From Big to Small


When thinking about design solutions, I always keep the big picture in mind. I’d like to come up with various design concepts which can align research findings, business requirements and function requirements. After discussions with our team, the most feasible solutions would be developed into user journeys, wireframes, and clickable mockups.

Business Process Model and Notation Flow Diagrams​

Wireframes & User Flow

Keep Experience Smooth and Consistent


I defined the filis style guide and established the pattern library for visual and experience consistency. All contents are organized and uploaded on TCC’s internal server, which is easy to use and accessible for all members in this project. 

filis Style Guide website screenshot

Clear Design with Clear Communication


When I’m designing interfaces, I like to preview designs on target device at the same time to make sure the size, color, and spacing are properly aligned and user friendly. UI specifications and interactive mockups would also be prepared for development teams.

UI Design in Progress

UI Example: filis Shopping Cart

Testing & Training for Better Results


I’m responsible for delivery and demonstration of each design to the development, operations and training teams. After the development team finishes the prototype, our team would visit stores to collect feedback for improvements.