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Dental Mobile App

Product Type

Dental Service Mobile App


End User

Dental Patients

Project Time

12 hours, 2019

Project Type

Design Challenge, UX Design Process, Presentation


Individual work

This is a design challenge I did in early 2019. The main purpose of the design challenge is to demonstrate my design thinking process, problem-solving process as well as UX skills. I completed the design challenge in 12 hours and turned the results into a presentation.

Design Challenge

Think about the experience of going to a medical practitioner (such as a doctor or dentist) and design a solution to deal with some challenges and pain points of this experience. 

Design Process and Presentation

The presentation has four sections; research, explore solutions, design results and project planning. Below are the outline and presentation slides.

1. Research

  • My experiences

  • Market & industry research

  • Existing products research

  • Understand users

  • Design directions & goals

2. Explore Solutions

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Main user journeys

  • Design concepts

3. Design Results

  • Wireframes

  • User flows

  • Clickable prototypes

4. Project Planning

  • Timeline

  • Tasks

  • Other thoughts & ideas