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Police Body Camera App Design

Motorola Solutions’ police body camera is for capture, storage and management of video, audio and image evidence. It combines video and still image recording, voice communications and voice capture, emergency alerting, content viewing and radio integration into one single package. The system has sophisticated content management and storage facilities designed for law enforcement agencies.

My Role


I worked together with the design team to ideate, prototype and deliver designs to development teams. My main task was to develop simple and efficient solutions for target scenarios and functions. I also created wireframes, user flows, UI and functional requirements.

Design Process


Below is the experience design process of how I solve problems, meet requirements and reach design goals.

Creative Approaches


I enjoy thinking out of the box and approach the goals from different perspectives and paths. For example, I came up with more than 20 different versions when I designed the status section. Below are 4 of them. 

Different wireframe concepts for status section​



To better communicate the designs to other teams, I clearly present the designs, logics and requirements in the documentation.

Details and rules for status section

Show the user flow with all details